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WATERTOWN – The Zoning Appeal Board, meeting on Wednesday, July 27, approved four applications and filed one, continuing the public hearing on this application so members can conduct a site visit.

Among the applications approved was one for a used motor vehicle dealership and motor vehicle repairer for Express Mechanic Service and Tires, which would be located at 554 Main St., Oakville, in a general zoning district of BG-1 cases. The location was previously used for the same purpose.

Members also approved Elias Deros’ request for three lot coverage and setback waivers for the construction of a 32 x 28 foot addition to an existing single-family home at 22 Lisbon Street, Oakville.

Mr. Deros requested a waiver of eight feet from the front line setback, 21.5 feet from the back line setback and permission to exceed the maximum impervious surface restriction of 7%.

He explained that he needed the addition to create living space for his elderly mother-in-law. When council members questioned the amount of space in the plans, Deros said he included a 10 x 10 foot space for storage.

During discussion, he agreed to reduce this amount to 8 x 10 feet to minimize some of the impact of the addition and limit the requested gap to a smaller change.

Members agreed that there was a real need to expand a porch at 165 Tarbell Avenue in Oakville so that owner Steven Cermola could more easily negotiate the driveway to the old house, making it more handicapped accessible, and not getting water flooded from the roof during thunderstorms while he unlocks or locks his front door.

The 19 foot setback from the front property line setback for construction would place the edge of the porch 16 feet from the front property, but the road is actually much farther on this side of the street, Moosa Rafey , deputy administrator for Land Use/ZEO, says.

Mr Cermola said his house was built in the 1950s and zoning regulations were updated in the 1960s.

Members approved a request by Amy and Mark Russolillo for two zoning by-law waivers regarding the removal of rear and side property lines for an existing patio and existing shed at 21 White St. in an R-30 zone.

Ms. Russolillo explained that they are relatively new homeowners and did not know they needed a zoning permit when they built the deck and shed. It was only recently that they found out they should have gotten permits when they came looking for a permit to build a swimming pool.

When asked if they could move the shed 4 feet, she said it would block access to the couple’s backyard, especially for large trucks that might be needed for pit maintenance. septic, for example.

Members continued a public hearing into an application filed by Rodrigo Cruz for a 12-foot waiver of a side property line setback for a 420-square-foot gazebo under construction at 11 Georgetown Dr. in an R-30 zone. The gazebo is located approximately three feet from the property line.

Mark Fusco, owner of the property behind Mr. Cruz, expressed concern about the gazebo’s proximity to the property line, especially since the gazebo appears to contain some sort of chimney in the center and is not what to what you usually think of when you talk about a gazebo.

He said it looked more like a second-story addition to him, and he expressed concern about ash and embers from the fireplace that could start a fire along the wooden fence dividing the property or on his land.

He explained that his father lived in the house and had lived there for more than 60 years.

Council members agreed to take a site tour to see the lookout for themselves before their next meeting.

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