What you need to know before going to the auto repair shop


National Auto Service Month is fast approaching, and we wondered why people are so intimidated by auto repairs? The check engine light has the ability to turn the quieter, more congested guys into a total sweat. We asked Greulich’s Automotive Marketing Director to walk us through the basics of Car Repair 101. Here’s what Jessica Wright told us we all need to know when we go to the repair shop.

What is the main concern of consumers when they have their cars repaired?

I would say people worry about whether they can trust the person doing the job. They want to trust the repair shop that diagnoses their car. They bring their car in when the check engine light is on and it’s a stressful situation. It’s easy to get confused by how technical things are, and consumers want to trust the person to be honest about the repair and what absolutely needs to be done.

How does a consumer relate or relate to an auto repair shop?

It starts with the first visit. We must impress you with the first experience. We have a chance to make a lasting first impression. Hope you don’t need a car repair every week, that’s why it’s important that you enjoy your experience, so that you come back when you need us.

What should you as a consumer know about auto repair?

You must be prepared to ask questions. How did they arrive at this cost estimate? Ask for explanations and details of the work they are doing. Don’t be afraid to speak up. Many consumers do not ask questions about the estimates. We will bring back whatever we find. However, you can educate yourself on what needs to be done now and what can wait. We are happy to educate you. We want you to be informed.

Should we look at the reviews?

One hundred percent you should be watching the reviews. Good companies keep an eye on reviews to ensure a great experience. We have a company that tracks our reviews and sorts them by location etc. and then we look at the results. We then work to resolve any issues that arise. It’s our way of improving communications. It’s important to us because it’s important to you. Reviews are the best way to find out what type of team you are bringing your car to for repair. Good or bad, opinion are important.

What are you doing as a business to improve the experience of your customers?

When you enter the store, we insert you into the system, then you will receive text messages on your car. When entering the work area, when service is in progress and when the repair is complete. We understand that you have things to do and we are working to make it more convenient by keeping you informed of how things are going.

We know you don’t want to stay there for long, so we try to give you the best possible atmosphere while you are visiting our store. For long-term repairs, we can drive you home or we can call an Uber, a Lyft, and you can wait at home, while your car is fixed. Normally it is a 5 mile radius and it is at the discretion of our managers.

Finally, what’s the best auto repair advice you can give?

Consider what type of consumer you are. Go somewhere that meets your expectations. Are you looking for a high-end repair or the cheapest price? Are they using the best quality parts, are they going to do it right?

You need to make sure you know what’s important to you. The service you want is there, but knowing a few simple facts will help you find the service that’s right for you.

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