‘TK Motors is the most responsive and caring car dealership’


As companies try to attract new customers, it is crucial that they manage issues of availability, affordability and competitiveness well.

Over the past few years, TK Motors Company Limited has not only carved a niche for itself in the automotive industry, but also ensured that its products and services continue to be satisfactory, affordable and accessible to its customers.

“We have been operating in The Gambia since February 1989. The company is the authorized dealership of Mitsubishi and Hyundai in The Gambia. Besides these two, the company also owns the dealership of Jeep and Renault.” said Musa K Musa, general manager of TK Motors Company Ltd.

The company, he said, offers after-sales services and genuine spare parts.

“The company also operates a well-equipped garage, where we mainly service vehicles purchased from the company.”

Having a recognized brand can sometimes be a daunting task for some companies, but TK Motors makes sure to have its own recognized brand of lubricants, Gulf Lubricants.

“We also sell batteries and paints.

Vehicle dealers

Over time, the company has managed to earn the public’s trust, as evidenced by the awarding of contracts by the government and agencies, all of which go through a competitive bidding or bidding process. offers. And this because it is more reactive and very competitive

This has enabled the company to position itself as a market leader in the availability and delivery of vehicles to its customers in the public and private sectors in The Gambia.

After sales services

According to Musa K Musa, TK Motors ensures that its after sales service is number one by ensuring that spare parts are available at all times to facilitate a same day turnaround time to service vehicles brought to their location. garage. But challenges persist elsewhere in the sector.

With the proliferation of substandard engine oils and fake spare parts in the local market, Musa said that when buying a car from an authorized car dealer, it is always advisable to take it to the same dealer. for any usual routine maintenance. This ensures that the car lasts or serves the owner longer.

He acknowledged that the majority of parapublic and government organizations bring their vehicle to the company for services.

He also recalled that all their vehicles are built for the African market, noting that each region has its own vehicle specifications.

“If you look at the vehicles in America, they don’t have the same specifications as those in Europe and Africa.


Musa said the company still has a stock of vehicles. The availability of products and services is important in any business; something that the company ensures seamless or reliable service delivery to our existing and potential customers.

“We always have a stock of vehicles and the majority of these stocks are Pick-ups, Pajero and Hyundai.

Currently, he revealed that new vehicle orders have been a challenge as automakers face shortages of semiconductors and chips due to covid-19 and regional instability.

This development, he added, has affected new vehicle manufacturers globally.

The commitment of the company’s staff is an additional strength on which they rely. He went on to explain that they are not constrained by official working hours, saying that even if they are called to work on a public holiday by a client for a large sale, they plan to open their stores or their showrooms.

Employee well-being

Employee well-being is sacrosanct in any business created. At TK Motors, they make sure to take care of their employees and support them because they are considered family in the eyes of the owners.

He revealed that they agree with some doctors and even health institutions that take care of the health needs of the staff.

“This health insurance covers both local and overseas medical treatment for staff. Sometimes we extend this service to some of our staff’s families. For example, if one of our staff’s children is sick, we assist him.”


Defining a clear business path helps businesses achieve the desired goal. And in the case of most entities, TK Motors plans to grow and improve in the years to come.

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