This luxury car dealer left behind a six-figure salary and found himself with his own keys to success


Commissioning PTG365 presented its challenges. Whitehead was used to wearing various hats in the automotive industry, but running his own business made him understand the monetary value of maintaining a business.

After incorporating a reliable structure for the business model, he was able to generate profits and maintain a family environment, making customers flock to the dealership.

A standout feature for the dealership is that customers have the added benefit of saving time, effort and money. From the comfort of their own home, customers can receive a status report and also purchase their vehicles by phone, email or Facetime.

In addition, the dealer will deliver the car directly to the buyer’s home and send a postcard with their new purchase to their doorstep.

“It’s something I can say we started because a lot of dealerships weren’t comfortable delivering a vehicle to people and we were doing that before the pandemic,” Whitehead said.

He continued, “It’s one of the biggest purchases of most people’s lives after buying a home, so we want to make it fun and memorable. That’s why a lot of people come to us.

The convenience of shopping from home is made possible by Whitehead’s car concierge service app, CARS365. Users will also have access to important data about their car that may be unknown to them such as vehicle registration, insurance information, etc.

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