Thirty-five firefighters tackle the blaze at an Auto Cars auto repair shop in Winson Green


Thirty-five firefighters battled a blaze at an auto repair shop in Winson Green.

Fire crews were called to the scene of the Auto Cars Ltd fire on Wellington Street at 12:49 am today, Wednesday January 5th.

Six fire trucks, a brigade response vehicle and a hydraulic lifting platform were dispatched to the scene, with a total of 35 firefighters.

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West Midlands Fire spokesperson Neil Spencer said the entire one-story building was affected by the fire.

In a statement, he said: “At 12:49 am in the early hours of Wednesday January 5th we were called in about a serious fire at an auto repair shop in Wellington Street, Soho, Birmingham.

“The first of our teams arrived in just over three minutes to find the entire one-story building involved in the fire.

“Six fire engines, a brigade response vehicle and a hydraulic aerial platform were dispatched to the scene, with a crew of 35 firefighters in total.

“Police and ambulance services were also present, along with engineers from the gas and power companies and a representative from the railways.

“Smoke was billowing from nearby train tracks during the incident, so train drivers were warned as a precaution.

Firefighters tackle a building blaze in Winson Green.

“By 3 am our crews had made good progress and by 4:30 am the fire was confirmed and our resources were reduced.

“This morning, a team of firefighters remains on the scene to make sure that no hot spots remain.

“Our investigators are working to establish how the fire started.

“Two cats were rescued from the scene by firefighters. They were reportedly taken to a vet by a police officer.”

The West Midlands Fire Department had urged the public to avoid the area while the incident was dealt with.

A team of fire investigators were looking for the cause of the blaze.

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