Mycar goes the extra mile for car service in latest works via TBWASydney


Mycar Tire & Auto launched an integrated campaign through TBWASydney, highlighting the unique car service needs of different types of drivers.

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The 30-second spot shows the customer pulling up to a mycar store in a vehicle covered in cat stickers and fluffy car seat plush, emphasizing that while a logbook service isn’t complicated , adapting to different customer needs is.


The People First campaign airs on TV, radio, BVOD, OOH, TLA, social and digital signage.

Bec Johnson-Pond, Creative Director at TBWASydney, said, “For this iteration, we wanted to maintain the brand tone that has already been established, while leaning into more product-specific offerings. Tires and automotive is not a category generally known for its disruptions.

Adele Coswello, Chief Customer Officer at mycar Tire & Auto, added: “At mycar, we don’t just see the car that needs servicing or the tires need changing. We see the people behind the car and the talented team of technicians who bring it to life.

“In our second iteration of our People First campaign, we communicate this in a humorous and memorable way that reflects our brand values.”

mycar Tire & Auto
Adele Coswello – Chief Client Officer
Cynthia Fernandez – Marketing Manager
Creative Agency: TBWASydney
Media Agency: Hearts and Sciences
Public and social relations agency: Eleven
Production: Raskols
Director: Robin Walters
Photographer: Ingvar Kenne, Pool Collective

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