My pleasant experience with the MyChoize self-service car rental service


MyChoize has a decent selection of cars, from sedans to CUVs, in both MT and AT options. I quickly found an Innova Crysta diesel AT.

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With the start of summer vacation, my family from Bangalore decided to visit us in May. This time, however, the kids were adamant that they wanted to go to the beach.

The only advantage of staying in Mumbai is the options and accessibility to some fantastic beaches along the Konkan Coast, and so plans have been made for a family beach vacation. Now, however, came the next challenge!

The total number of travelers was 4 adults and 2 children and there was no way in heaven or hell my MY2019 Nexon ZXA+ was going to be enough. None of my friends have a 7 seater vehicle that I could borrow, which led to my search for a self-driving vehicle.

The research:

Over the past few years, there has been an explosion of self-drive rental options to choose from. Zoom and Revv have been around for a while and new players are constantly jumping on the bandwagon.

However, during my research, I came across Zoom horror stories. Right from the condition of the vehicle, customer service was criticized on various review portals including Google and as a result Zoom was immediately dismissed. As I was traveling with a family consisting of 2 young children and an elderly person, their safety was of paramount importance. Therefore, the rental company had to inspire confidence. Revv has a good selection of cars, but I was looking for a MUV with an automatic transmission that they didn’t offer.

After a little more research, I came across MyChoize, the self-driving vehicle rental arm of Orix Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd., which has been in the corporate fleet space for years. In my previous corporate terms, Orix was our corporate car rental company and I have never had any issues with their service or the quality of the vehicles.


Booking the right car was a simple process. Download the app, register, upload the necessary documentation (driver’s license/Aadhar card) and your profile is verified!
(Please note: the address on the photo ID and driver’s license must match. If not, there is a separate verification process).

They have a decent selection of cars from sedans to CUVs in both MT and AT options. In 10 seconds of research, I found exactly what I wanted, an Innova Crysta Diesel AT!

Their pricing structure is simple:

  • Rental cost depending on the number of kilometres/day (120/240/unlimited with INR 13 per kilometer if the daily limit is exceeded).
  • Refundable security deposit of INR 3000.

I reached out to the MyChoize customer service team to clarify some questions I had and never had. I had such a great experience. They are polite to the end, professional, knowledgeable and provide all the necessary information. Once my questions were resolved, I booked the Innova immediately. The rental breakdown was as below:

  • Rental fee for 2 days 10 hours INR 10404.
  • FastTag charges INR 80.
  • Offsite collection fee (pick up at home) INR 300.
  • Discounts (summer offer) INR 2080.
  • GST (14% SGST + 14% CGST) INR 2436.
  • Total INR 11140.
  • Refundable security deposit of INR 3000.
  • Final total INR 14140.

Points to note:

  • FasTag toll deductions are taxed at 18% GST.
  • Fuel is pre-filled by MyChoize up to a certain level. According to the rental contract, the car must be returned with the same amount of fuel. Any additional fuel filled; the amount is credited back to the customer. If the car is returned with less fuel, the balance of the fuel cost is deducted from the security deposit along with a service charge which attracts taxes.
  • If the car is returned in a dirty condition, an additional cleaning fee will be deducted from the security deposit.

Rental Agreement – ​​Issues:

Once the rental amount was paid, I received the rental contract by e-mail. After reading the agreement, I came across multiple contradictions in the document. Examples of these are listed below. After reporting them to MyChoize, I received a call from Abhishek Jain, the Mumbai Regional Manager for MyChoize, and the following explanation was provided:

SUPPLY OF THE RENTAL VEHICLE: Point 5 The Renter is not authorized to use/drive the Vehicle beyond the speed limit of 125 Kms/hour whereas Annex A of the contract stipulated

Appendix-A SCHEDULE OF TAXES: Driving at a speed greater than the maximum speed of 80 km/h – 1st instance >= 80 km/h. – INR 2500 + GOVERNMENT. fines (if applicable) plus expulsion from MYCHOIZE if it happens again on the next booking.

Clarification: All MyChoize cars have built-in cruise controls limiting the speed to 8 km/h, but for sure the cars have mapping issues with the ECU. In such a situation, 125 km/h is permitted, but any challan issued for a traffic violation due to speeding must be authorized by the renter.

PAYMENT TERMS: Renter must have a valid credit card – I made payment via UPI. I was not informed that a credit card is required.

Clarification: Reservations made through UPI do not require a credit card.


Cost of damages up to INR 6000/- will be deducted from guest’s advance security deposit – Refundable security deposit is only INR 3000.

Clarification: If the damage exceeds INR 3000 which is the security deposit, the balance will be recovered from the renter. The mention of the advance deposit of INR 6000 was a mistake.

Support experience:

My scheduled pick up time was 7am from their head office in Marol. They have facilities for pick up at Bandra Kurla complex, AMSC and other locations. Some of these locations are served 24 hours a day and others from 8 am (ex: Bandra Kurla complex). Drop off and doorstep pick up are also provided at an additional cost of INR 300 except Navi Mumbai and Thane.

After reaching the MyChoize center, a quick signing of the terms and conditions was done. It was mandatory to have on you a photocopy of the same proof of residence submitted for verification as well as the driver’s license. The Innova was spotless. The interiors have been thoroughly cleaned just like you would receive your car after an interior cleaning treatment at your vehicle’s service center. A full visit was conducted with the MyChoize representative to point out existing dents and scratches. This was noted by me and the rep via photographs and video. Sharing some exterior images for reference:

Note the scratch.

Note the scratch.

The rep took the time to show me the location of the jack and the placement area in case something happened. A copy of the RC, PUC, road tax and other documents have been provided. The formalities were completed in less than 30 minutes. A half tank of diesel was supplied with the car.

Innova Crysta Diesel 2.8V AT:

The Crysta assigned to me unfortunately did not have a navigation system. It was my first experience driving the Crysta or any car bigger than my Nexon. What surprised me the most was how easy it was to get used to the size and power of the motor. In less than 15 minutes of driving from the MyChoize center to my residence, I had an adequate idea of ​​the driving characteristics, engine power and road manners.

On the highway it was a joy to drive. Never out of its power band, the combination of engine and automatic gearbox made me happy, and cruising is fun. The Crysta is a car you can drive for hours without any problems and the interior space and comfort were excellent. A great mile muncher to boot! The bad roads are swallowed up and the smooth ride on the tarmac was exhilarating. The overtaking of the heavyweights was done without any problem. I even got to try the Eco and Power modes, which helped me tremendously during my trip. All in all, my heart was at peace!

Return the crystal:

As I had selected a door to door pickup station for my trip, the rep came exactly at the time I selected. A quick interior and exterior inspection was carried out to match the condition of the car. This was done entirely through their service app. A quick confirmation and signature and the rep was on his way.


My experience with MyChoize has been great. Despite the hassles of the service agreement, the team took the time to explain and clarify my concerns, the car was in pristine condition with immaculately cleaned interiors, professional and hassle-free customer service, and a wide range of cars for every budget and needs them, making it an ideal partner for self-drive.

I will definitely use their services again when needed without a doubt.

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