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The Ford Fiesta is a crisp little car – it always has been since its launch in 1976.

Chances are, you’ve owned one, learned to drive with one, been a passenger in one, or know someone with one. I have! I’ve had all the flavors of Fiestas over the years and I’m a bit of a fan.

The appeal is easy to understand – they’re well made, easy to drive, inexpensive to repair, and still a lot of fun to drive.

I certainly laughed when I pulled one out recently as part of our Used Car Awards shoot, which you can watch above.

The Fiesta was named the Used Small Car of the Year – in some ways the gong should be called the Ford Fiesta Award… it’s such a great car!

There was a time when the Fiesta was just a model, but the car I drove was the Active model with its SUV-inspired body style.

There are so many to choose from these days, from cheap and cheerful entry-level models to chic Vignale versions. And don’t forget the blinding Fiesta ST which is still the best little hot hatch you can buy.


Driving and it feels like a much bigger car – there is tons of space! The fit and finish is exemplary and the technology makes sense and looks great.

But it is the orientation of the Fiesta that is its real asset. It feels so connected to the road and Fiestas with the 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine are the best – it’s a bit beefier.

It’s also a fantastic buy for the used car customer – probably more so. There is a Fiesta for every price point and the tailings are insanely high. In many ways, this little Ford is the staple of the used car market.

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