Luxury SUV owner files legal protest against car dealership


A woman whose all-new Range Rover needed repeated repairs in the months following its purchase has filed a legal protest, arguing the seller was trying to cut the warranty time on her luxury car.

Carmen Bugeja said she traveled back and forth to the car dealership for repairs almost every two months, but still had not been offered an effective solution in terms of the vehicle warranty.

They were simply trying to “fix” the faulty Range Rover Discovery Sports model, claimed the disgruntled owner, who had paid “thousands of dollars” for the expensive car.

In a legal protest filed Tuesday in First Hall Civil Court against Muscat Motors Limited, Bugeja’s lawyer Edward Gatt argued the cases were dragging on until the vehicle’s warranty expired.

Instead of meeting their warranty obligations, company officials were looking for every possible excuse to bypass those obligations, the lawyer argued.

Worse yet, instead of being offered “a solution”, the owner felt insulted by the “deplorable” attitude of the company’s staff, the court was told.

In light of such circumstances, Bugeja took her grievances to court, calling on the company to remedy the situation within a week, or face further legal consequences.

Lawyer Edward Gatt signed the legal protest.

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