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Luxury car dealership, Geneva Motorcars, has opened in a new location in Darien off Highway 43, having outgrown its old location.

Geneva Motorcars LLC recently moved from an industrial park on Hobbs Road in Delavan to 690 Gerry Way in Darien, the former site of Maxxx Motor Sports.

Spencer Giardini, co-owner of Geneva Motorcars, said he decided to move the business to the Gerry Way site to offer more vehicles to customers.

“We were in Delavan in the industrial park and now we’ve grown up there,” Giardini said. “Now we want to serve the community with more cars than we have.”

Mason Holder, employee of Geneva Motorcars, said the Gerry Way location is an ideal site for the dealership as it is visible from Interstate 43.

“It’s right next to the freeway,” Holder said. “It gave us a lot of visibility from the road. This is a good space for a dealership.

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Geneva Motorcars offers luxury vehicles, classic cars, pickup trucks, vans, motorcycles, scooters, boats and other types of watercraft.

“We do a lot of European stuff,” Holder said. “It’s something we specialize in and it’s quite hard to find, especially in the area.”

Vehicles can be purchased locally or through an auction website,

Giardini said people across the country are buying vehicles from the dealership. He said the dealership delivers vehicles to customers who purchase vehicles through the auction website.

“A lot of people locally are looking for vans,” Giardini said. “We sell cars all over the country. A lot of our cars will go everywhere.

The dealer receives its vehicles from private owners, auctions and car collectors.

“We’ll find all kinds of cars,” Holder said. “A lot of people will have huge collections. They want to get rid of a couple so they can buy a few more, so we get a lot from collectors. We get vehicles at auction and we will fix them.

Another reason to move the dealership to the Darien location is to offer more auto mechanic services.

Holder said they were in the process of renovating a building at the back of the property into an auto service center. He said they are hiring more auto mechanics.

“Once we have more technicians and we are at the back of the building, it will allow us to offer more things to the public like brake changes, oil changes and engine replacements,” said said Holder. “It’s something we’ve been working on for a long time. We are finally getting the building cleaned up and getting ready to help the public more, especially for people with European cars who live in this area and have to drive 45 or 50 minutes to get something as simple as an oil change. ‘oil.

The majority of owners and employees of Geneva Motorcars are between 20 and 30 years old. Holder said he started working for the dealership about a year ago after meeting the owners.

“No one here is over 35,” Holder said. “We are a group of young people who are sort of trying to find their way. We’re all really passionate about performance vehicles, rare things that are hard to find. »

Holder said most people are surprised when they learn the age range of employees.

“The way the business is run and the way the owners have worked on everything, I think if you didn’t tell people it was run by such young people you wouldn’t have a clue,” he said. said Holder. “I think we’re doing a really good job of making sure we’re taking care of everyone and that all the cars we put out here are really top of the line and taken care of.”

Geneva Motorcars has been in business for about four years.

Giardini said he decided to start the business because of his interest in cars. He said his father worked as an automotive technician for many years, which helped spark his interest in vehicles.

“I’ve always loved cars,” Giardini said. “I also went to automotive design engineering school in Detroit.”

Giardini opened his first business, an auto parts store, when he was 14 years old.

“My business partner has the same vision as me,” Giardini said. “He also grew up in the business.”

Geneva Motorcars is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday and by appointment on Saturday.

For more information about Geneva Motorcars, call 815-396-8258 or visit

“You can see all the cars we have for sale. You can see all the cars we have up for auction,” Holder said. “If you call ahead, you can make an appointment to view these cars before bidding.”

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