Limousine car service in Pakistan


Limousine cars are in a class of their own. Whether you need a luxury wedding reception or a party, you can book Pakistan Limousine car service on your own without any hassle. The use of limousines is very common in the United States. For many years, it seemed like a dream to see a limousine in Pakistan. However, this dream came true before we even knew it. Although it has been a long time since limos arrived in the country, many people still do not know where to find and book limo service. Here we have covered the details of 3 companies offering Limousine car service in Pakistan with positive feedback from customers. Let’s get started!

Limousine car service in Pakistan

Limousine and car rental in Shahroz

One of the most trusted names in the market is Shahroz Limo & Car Rental. The company offers limousine service at affordable rates. Whether you have an upcoming wedding ceremony or want to pick up a special guest at the airport, you can book your limo ride with this trusted company.

Contact: 0322-4538888

Address: Shall Petroleum Station, Thoker Niaz Baig, Lahore.

Royal Limousine of Shuja

Limousine service in Pakistan

The second name on the list of limo service providers is Shuja Royal Limo. The company offers a wide range of limousines, including GMC limousine, Hummer limousine, etc. You can plan your special events and book your limousine service in advance to enjoy a hassle-free luxury experience.

Contact: 0300-8450222

Address: Multan Road, Canal Colony, Lahore.

Royal Limousine Service

Limousine service in Pakistan

Royal Limo Service is a relatively new company in the Pakistan limousine service market. While this may be true, Royal Limo has received positive feedback in a short time. You can find a range of Limousines as well as other cars for hire.

Contact: 0324-7004444

Address: Thoker Niaz Baig, Multan Main Road, opposite Jinnah Terminal, Amarkot, Lahore.

Have you met any of the limo service providers mentioned above? Please feel free to share your experience with us in the comments section.

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