Leading Automotive Service Brand Unveils ‘Gear In With Gargash Auto’ For UAE Drivers


Having practical information on car maintenance is an initiative that Gargash Auto, as an avant-garde brand, has on its program in 2021, until 2022. Being one of the main brands in the space of auto maintenance for German and luxury cars, Gargash Auto’s brand new “Gear in with Gargash Auto” initiative aims to give UAE drivers knowledge on all things automotive maintenance.

With education and inclusiveness being key pillars of the brand, the initiative will offer free consultations to all walk-in customers from December 1 to February 28, 2021, at Al Quoz premises. Any customer who enters Gargash Auto’s facilities will receive a free consultation from one of its qualified service advisors, ranging from basic vehicle maintenance to advanced situations that arise during a breakdown. The initiative which takes place over a period of 3 months will cover a range of gender-focused topics, promoting the values ​​of inclusion and education.

“Driving a car is a huge responsibility, and like any machine, a car can also have problems if it is not maintained. prepare them for unforeseen circumstances ”, says Amir Pervaiz, Managing Director, Gargash Auto.

The brand wishes to encourage road safety by adopting safe practices, by implementing preventive measures and by de-stigmatizing the notion of car maintenance being associated with only one genre.

“Often times drivers find themselves in situations because they tend to ignore the warning signs the vehicle might give, such as low tire pressure, overheated engine and many others, we strongly believe that s ‘they were aware of it, they would be able to choose. on the warning signs from the start and avoid getting into difficult situations ” added, Pervaiz.

Topics that Gargash Auto will cover include, but are not limited to:

– Starter battery

– Basic knowledge of the engine

– Know all the common warning lights on the instrument panel and their respective meanings

– Checking for oil leaks

– What to do in the event of a random failure

– Filling the wiper water tank

– Checking the engine oil level

– Tire pressure control

– How to locate the fuel tank

Gargash Auto is determined to do its part to make the UAE’s roads safer, thereby contributing to a healthy ecosystem and society.


About Gargash Auto:

Gargash Auto is your one stop shop for all automotive matters, specializing in German and luxury cars. We operate with the goal of making the automotive service and repair industry transparent, affordable and easy to navigate for customers. Gargash Auto was established in 2005 as a subsidiary of Gargash Group, with over 15 years of experience, one of the leading holding companies in UAE and Middle East.

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