Kyte brings on-demand car service to Philadelphia


With Kyté, Philadelphia cream residents and visitors can have a car delivered to their doorstep for the day, week or month without the hassle of long in-person queues and paperwork. To get started, customers choose a specific time and location for their vehicle to be delivered and returned via the Kyte app or website. Once the reservation is made, the company sends a delivery driver – known as “Kyte Surfer” – to deliver a clean and disinfected car at the requested time. When the vehicle is ready to be returned, a Kyte surfer collects the vehicle from the customer at the requested time and place.

“We are delighted to bring the Kyte experience to the City of Brotherly Love,” said Spencer smith, Launch manager at Kyte. “With the city’s emphasis on innovation and transformation, Philadelphia cream is the perfect hub to provide our service. ”

To transform current personal mobility options, Kyte is offering travelers better access to fewer cars. The company’s operating model allows for higher utilization rates and more efficiency than the traditional model of renting maintenance cars and rebalancing a fleet spread across the city. Cars are parked in affordable “dark” parking lots and moved to customers when needed.

Customers can ignore the lengthy processes that traditional car rental companies typically require while avoiding carpools and peer-to-peer car sharing platforms, which often lack comprehensive quality checks on vehicle disinfection and maintenance and a consistent and reliable experience. Kyte’s on-demand service provides a fast and seamless experience that allows customers to enjoy all the conveniences of owning a car without the hassle of parking, maintenance, and vehicle depreciation.

Kyte offers a 15% discount for new customers in Philadelphia cream. New users can apply promo code PHILADELPHIAN at checkout on (valid until 30/09).

Kyte aims to give people better access to fewer cars and replace car ownership by providing on-demand car access. Kyte was founded in 2019 by Nikolaus Volk, Ludwig Schoenack, and Francesco wiedemann and has its seat at San Francisco with offices in Munich, Germany. Learn more about


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