Intelligent Car Leasing launches a new service Sell your car with Motorway


Intelligent Car Leasing has launched a new Sell ​​my car service in partnership with Autoroute, designed to better serve corporate car owners who wish to switch to vehicle leasing.

Partnership with Motorway aims to make the switch from ownership to rental easier and more beneficial for business customers

The program is designed to serve customers by creating a simple and convenient process for selling their existing car before entering into a lease for a brand new car.

The car sales service will be offered by Motorway and will allow car owners to compare prices from online buyers and specialist dealers. Motorway has agreements with numerous online car buying sites and dealer groups in the UK.

Intelligent Car Leasing’s customer service and sales team will be encouraged to let any new customers know about the partnership, potentially helping them save time and money when they sell their car.

The function of selling a car with Autoroute is also available on the Intelligent Car Leasing website. Users wishing to access the car sales service are directed to Autoroute’s own site where they can receive a no-obligation assessment of their current vehicle.

Marc Murphy, Marketing and Sales Manager at Intelligent Car Leasing, said: “Business owners who switch from ownership to rental should sell or get rid of their old car or van. However, they might not get the best deal on their used vehicles. Now that the lockdown has eased, businesses can start to recover again, and they may not have time to research all the best deals.

By partnering with Motorway, we will be able to streamline the process of switching to commercial leasing, especially for small business owners. Help them get rid of their old vehicles at the best price and buy a new vehicle suited to their business needs.

This news follows last year’s launch by Intelligent Car Leasing of its car subscription payment option, in collaboration with Wagonex.

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