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Hyundai is introducing a fully contactless after-sales service into its network as the workshop automation system evolves.

A 12-week trial was conducted at Hyundai Guildford and it jumped to first place in the dealership network’s customer satisfaction rankings with 62% of customers choosing to use it.

Hyundai Workshop Automation already allowed customers to use an online system to book and authorize any service or repair work, but the latest development makes it completely contactless.

Customers will now be able to use online check-in, electronic signature, contactless key delivery, online job approval and remote payment options.

After booking they will receive an online check-in reminder with a QR code which is used to deposit their keys securely in a designated locker.

They then receive an online link where they can track their car as it progresses through the workshop. If more work is needed, they can approve it online, reducing the time they spend without their car.

Hyundai Workshop Automation

Andrew Shilley, Service Manager at Hyundai Guildford, said: “Since the introduction of the Hyundai Workshop Automation program, including online registration, we have seen a dramatic improvement in our customer satisfaction and our rate of ‘correction. the first time ”has reduced the need for customers to return for additional work found during a service.


“The integration of automated, paperless quality control with full traceability helps give our customers confidence in the process, while ensuring that the process takes as little time as possible in their daily lives. “

Ben Sargeant, Parts and Service Manager at Hyundai Motor UK, added: “Hyundai Workshop Automation has dramatically improved the customer journey, and with these latest innovations we are on track to deliver an even smoother aftermarket process. .

“During the Contactless Key Deposit Online Check-in pilot program, 62% of our customers chose to use it, although it was an entirely new and unfamiliar process to them.

“It also improves the efficiency of our partner dealers, who are able to schedule work more efficiently, get additional work approved faster, and automate follow-ups for future maintenance and repair jobs. “

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