How does our survey of car dealerships work?


We’ve introduced a series of enhancements to mark 20 years of our Driver Power Surveys, and the dealer recap is no different. To give you a more accurate idea of ​​how each brand’s outlet is performing, we’ve split the scores so that the retail or showroom side gets a set of ratings and the service center side gets some. another.

Each of these two areas gets its own set of four categories, with these category scores made up of individual questions.

The overall ranking of our 21 dealers is based on a combination of service center and retail scores, but we have also highlighted the winners of these two individual dealer aspects, to give a clearer picture of the market. . We also included a percentage score for the proportion of owners who told us they had a problem of one type or another while using a dealership’s service center.

What do the categories cover?

All of our two sets of four categories contain individual assessment areas, described as follows:

Retail categories and questions

  • Exhibition hall facilities: Appearance and comfort of the showroom; cleanliness and hygiene of the showroom; provision of parking at the exhibition hall; virtual tour of the vehicle (if applicable).
  • Seller performance: Friendliness of the seller; explanation of the characteristics and technology of a vehicle; responsiveness of the seller; knowledge of different models; knowledge of the different financing / rental options; the honesty and transparency of the concessionaire; how easy and understandable they made the paperwork.
  • The agreement: The ability to tailor financing options to your needs; the variety of models and finish options offered; purchase price / negotiated agreement.
  • Transfer process: How many times they contacted you while you were waiting for your vehicle to be delivered / collected; explanation of the features and controls of your vehicle; thoroughness of the procurement process; condition of the vehicle on delivery / collection; time required to complete the transfer.

Categories and questions from service centers

  • Installations: Convenience of parking lots; cleanliness and hygiene; the comfort of the waiting room and vehicle collection areas; facilities available in the waiting room and vehicle collection areas, eg Wi-Fi, cafe; provisions relating to restrictions related to Covid.
  • Courtesy: Availability of a courtesy car; courtesy of staff.
  • Communication: Information on the progress and cost of the work; clarity and thoroughness of explanations; clarity of documents and costs.
  • Manufacturing: Manufacturing standard; speed of execution of works; value for money.

User Guide: Making Data Meaningful

  1. Dealer ranking: Our countdown starts below, and that number is the network’s ranking of the 21 rated franchises.
  2. Owner’s view: To give an idea of ​​what the drivers think, we have selected two quotes, one for the sale, the other for the after-sales.
  3. Retail categories: Four categories cover your dealership experience; their scores are added together to give an overall score.
  4. Service categories: You have classified your deductible in four areas for auto maintenance. The scores are added together for an overall figure.
  5. Problems?: We list the percentage of drivers who have had issues with their dealership and highlight common issues reported.

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