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DS Automobiles is set to become a fully electric brand after the French firm announced that all new models would not be released as electric vehicles until 2024.

Every model in the company’s lineup is already offered with an electrified powertrain, but gasoline and diesel cars are expected to be phased out completely in the coming years.

From 2024, DS will stop making new models with traditional powertrains and focus entirely on producing electric vehicles.

The manufacturer has already achieved enormous success with its electrified range, which represents 30% of its registrations.

Last year it was the first multi-energy brand in Europe with the lowest average CO2 emissions of 83.1 g / km.

The firm claims to be at the forefront of electrical technology, being the only manufacturer to win two consecutive team and driver titles in Formula E.

Among the new models released for 2024 there will be a 100% electric version of the popular DS 4.


The future model will be fds4The move is part of a larger initiative by Stellantis-owned companies to reduce their carbon footprint.

Béatrice Foucher, CEO of DS Automobiles, said: “The automotive industry is undergoing a change of unprecedented scale and speed.

“As a pioneer, DS Automobiles has anticipated this development, with electrification at the center of its strategy.

“The next developments in legislation and the EV ecosystem offer opportunities that we want to offer our customers who already love our electrified range.

“I made the decision to accelerate development to create a new art of 100% electric travel, desirable in terms of pleasure and remarkable in terms of quality and performance; a new art of travel, resolutely high-tech and still as refined as ever.

“It’s a bold plan that will take shape from 2024.”

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