China car rental launched “618 immediate self-driving special price” business, starting at 228 yuan for popular models


Updated 2 hours ago (GMT+8)

On June 16, China car rental “618 special price and immediate self-driving” business officially arrived. The daily rental price of several popular models starts from 228 yuan, adding a special “shopping list” to your mid-year promotion. With the opening of the summer mode, China car rental launched a number of popular models of preferential business. From now until June 19, users can log in to the China Car Rental app to reserve Chevrolet Malibu, Volkswagen Passat and other models, and enjoy preferential daily rental activities at from 228 yuan. They can immediately start a self-driving weekend and explore a great place to go “home”. China Car Rental also kicked off the China Camping Season which lasts until June 30. All users can receive the 50 yuan camping coupon for free, which can be directly deducted when booking SUV models. In addition to providing users with more cost-effective travel solutions, Shenzhou car rental tries to promote several warm travel guarantees, including the launch of 30000 new cars, the landing of thousands of 24-hour service points, the launch of self-service collection and unmanned return. services, free return during the epidemic, complete disinfection of stores and vehicles, construction of a strong security barrier, and improvement of users’ travel experience. As a company that has won first place in the c-bpi “brand power index” of car rental for ten consecutive years, car rental in China currently has a fleet of nearly 110,000 vehicles and more than 3,000 points of service across the country. So far, China Car Rental has provided safe and convenient travel services to more than 10 million users, becoming the first and only car rental company in China with tens of millions of customers. consumers.

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