Car dealership threatens legal action against Biti


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Nyore Madzianike Senior Court Reporter

A prominent local car dealer, Paza Buster, has threatened to take legal action against CCC Co-Vice President Tendai Biti for allegedly misrepresenting during an interview with a local publication that he did not failed to deliver the machines purchased by the government in 2017, claiming it was defamatory and untrue. .

Paza Buster called on Biti to recant and demanded that the video posted on the online post be removed within two days.

In a letter of formal notice prepared by lawyer Mr. Admire Rubaya and delivered to Biti yesterday, Paza Buster said the video presented him as a bad service provider in the eyes of his clients.

Paza Buster has refuted allegations that it did not deliver machines fully paid for by the government.

The video was recorded during an interview where Biti claimed he was unpacking the 2020 audit report.

“In our client’s opinion, the statement in the posted video is defamatory and has been understood by a reasonable viewer or listener to have one or more of the following meanings;

“That our client is acting with impunity in that he does not deliver what he would have been hired and paid to deliver.

“That our client is a bad supplier of services and products insofar as it does not fulfill its contractual obligations.

“That our client is among the predatory ‘Archbishops’ of the theft which is said to have been on the agenda of Zimbabwe’s ruling elite,” the letter read.
Biti has yet to respond to the letter.

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