Car dealership spills beans on processing leather interiors


Do you know what i like Learn insider secrets. I’m not talking about tabloid headlines or conspiracy theories, which I try to avoid, but solid, genuine and trusted insider secrets.

Dear Mary: I recently bought a used vehicle of a late model. The dealership tried to sell me a package that involves treating the leather seats. Due to the cost, I chose not to purchase the package. Do you know the type of treatment that car dealers use to treat leather seats? Is it even necessary to do it? The car is an expensive purchase for me, and I need to know how to take care of the interior to make it last. Thank you for your very pleasant column. I read it from top to bottom and always learn or find something that I can use on a daily basis. – Jan G.

Dear Jan: Are the leather seats dirty or do you just want to protect and treat them as the dealer suggested? Since this is not a new car, I think maybe it’s time to clean the leather just to remove the kind of grime that naturally builds up with regular use. And, yes, I think leather needs to be treated regularly to keep it soft and supple.

I checked with a car dealership friend, and he told me you were pretty smart. Auto dealers are no magicians. They just use products that work well and then load you up with an arm and a leg to do what you could probably do on your own.

After a little effort, he told me the secret of his shop: KevianClean Leather Cleaner and Conditioner (formerly BooYah – only the name has changed). He assures me that this one product will clean, condition and protect the leather, and leave it soft and supple. If I were you I would read all the reviews online. You will learn a lot of things and then you will know if this is the product you want to trust with your beautiful car seats.

For several years now, I have been using KevianClean on our car seats and interiors, our leather recliners, my leather purse, my leather shoes and even my cowhide bound bible. The results continue to be astounding.

By the way, I just have to share with you something I learned a while back on how to deep clean and restore stained and really dirty leather seats. This is going to be shocking, so get ready: Soft Scrub Lemon Cleanser. I’m serious. I’m talking about things made for kitchens and bathrooms (DO NOT catch the Soft Scrub with bleach – you only want the lemon option). And, yes, on the leather.

I have to admit that I haven’t had a chance to clean stained and / or really dirty leather so I can’t personally vouch for this. But for all readers dealing with the grief of stained and / or dirty leather car seats – or any other needy leather item, for that matter – this is a must read.

I almost can’t wait to have a stain or dirt issue on the leather so that I can get first hand experience with this very amazing, if not true, way to get rid of the problem and put back even very old leather, parched and ugly to his glory.

And of course, I wouldn’t mind hearing from someone who has tried this and is ready to report the results.

Thanks for being such a loyal reader, Jan! It means the world to me.

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