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Lalubhai Travels is a car rental company in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The company has been in business since 2013 and offers car rentals for individuals and businesses.

(YourDigitalWall Editorial): – Ahmedabad, Gujarat June 21, 2022 ( – Ahmedabad is known as the executive capital of Gujarat is an enthusiastic and plummeting city traversing an area of ​​464 square kilometers. It is a seething junction of many civilizations and personalities, metropolitan facilities and ancient conventions.

From shrines and ancient buildings to the markets of a modern metropolis, Ahmedabad has something for everyone who seeks to peer into the magnificence of this ancient city, once the capital of Gujarat, tied to the pattern of the sprawling administrative center of the state, coup look not far to book at Lalubhai travels – an affordable taxi and cab service in Ahmedabad.

Our unwavering preference for excellent services has led to a 90% review from our customers calling us the best taxi and cab service across the city.

Many aspects have changed over this giant span of time, but if there’s one thing that hasn’t, it’s our attitude towards our service.

Anyone who has ridden our cabs and taxis in the past is aware of the evidence that we are a reasonable help provider in the city.

Key Features of Lalubhai Travels:

Lalubhai Travels is a car rental company in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The company has been in business since 2013 and offers car rentals for individuals and businesses. They offer high quality cars at affordable rates with competitive prices. Lalubhai Travel specializes in renting the best cars to residents of Ahmedabad.

Lalubhai Travels is a recognized name in the field of car rental in Ahmedabad. Lalubhai Travels offers all kinds of automobiles for rent to its customers. The company also has offices and service centers in various cities and towns like Mumbai, Pune, Rajkot, Surat and Hyderabad. Lalubhai Travels provides you with an excellent customer service experience with a diverse fleet of cars and high quality services at affordable prices.

There are many car rental companies in Ahmedabad. There are car rentals for every budget and every need. You can rent a car at the airport, train station, or even your hotel if you don’t have much time to explore before heading home. It is not necessary if you are renting a car to take a trip to the Indian countryside.

When renting a car from Lalubhai Travels, you can get an unlimited mileage deal and the rental cost is fixed. The rental car will be delivered to your hotel or pick up point, and you can pick it up from any other location in Ahmedabad.

Lalubhai Travels is the best car rental company in Ahmedabad. If you are planning to visit India, Lalubhai Travels can provide you with the perfect car rental services. They offer reliable and affordable car rentals for all budgets. You can learn more about their rates by visiting their website at

Lalubhai Travels has been providing quality car rental services in Ahmedabad for over thirty years. We offer a variety of cars which can be picked up at our office or meet you at your hotel. Our rates are always competitive!

Lalubhai Travels is the most trusted name in car rental services in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Our fleet is one of the best with a wide range of cars including hatchbacks, sedans, SUVs and luxury cars. We offer car rental services at affordable rates for all types of travelers. Book now for discounted rates on your next trip to Ahmedabad!

Lalubhai Travels (car rental in Ahmedabad) is the best option you can find in this region. You can rent cars of different sizes, such as sedans, SUVs and others. They offer car rental services for individuals and groups. Lalubhai Travels also offers a car rental service for weddings and other special occasions that require more than one car at a time.

Lalubhai Travels is one of the leading car rental companies in Ahmedabad. We provide the best deals on car rental services for customers. We offer all kinds of cars like Sedans, SUVs, Hatchbacks and MUVs for hire.

Lalubhai Travels is one of the leading car rental service providers in Ahmedabad with a fleet of over 300 cars. We offer you the best rental car packages and a wide range of premium models to choose from. You can rent a sedan or an SUV depending on your preferences and budget.

  • We have been serving the travel industry since 1995.
  • The twenty-five years of our journey with Lalubhai travels are an asset for us because it is the oldest travel agency in Ahmedabad.
  • We are here from society and for society.
  • We have been in this field since 1995 and have received many awards and accolades from our customers.
  • Our programs offer the maximum for your wealth and each of our packages is formulated to deliver quality and value to your trip.
  • Our efficient team of trained specialists will customize and modify your tour requests and/or programs to your unique specifications.

We offer you our car rental service for:

  • Tour of provincial cities.
  • Visit of resorts and outskirts

Why trust Lalubhai Travels over any car rental service in Ahmedabad?

Lalubhai Travels is an adequate car rental in Ahmedabad. Renting with us hides many purposes compared to chartering other services.

1) Relax: Relax in your comfortable seat and leave the driving to our expert valets. You will be fresh even after your comfortable trip so you can savor the destination.

2) Enjoy zero liability: Enjoy zero liability with Lalubhai Travels in Ahmedabad. Unlike self-driving car rentals, we do not hold you responsible for damage to the car.

3) Expert Travel Guide: Our valets are your expert drivers and travel guides. Our valets have connectivity and a positive reach for people in all restaurants and stores. They will help you in every possible way during your trip.

4) Book with ease: Forget the headaches of a self-drive car rental. You can easily book your taxi in just a few steps.

5) Safe and sanitized cabins: Your safety during your trip is our responsibility. We take extra oversight to sanitize and empty our taxis before and after booking each ride. Our drivers are trained in the best hygiene practices for vehicles and people in accordance with the guidelines issued by the WHO.

6) Reasonable rates:

Lalubhai Taxi Services is one of the leading online car rental service providers in Ahmedabad, offering the cheapest and best taxi service. Taxi service rates are set to provide you with quality and reasonable services with good deals.

You can easily book your taxi at an economical rate with proper assistance.

7) Clean vehicles:

The first thing that matters to us is hygiene, whether it’s drivers or taxis. We audit cars before aligning with the customer.

8) 24-Hour Customer Satisfaction: We provide all-day customer support. Our customers can contact us for any type of inquiry and reservation, and also periodically evaluate our business practices and our ethics regarding the priorities and needs of our customers. Our dedication to work, quality and customer satisfaction has won us high praise from customers all over the world.

To give rise to better efficiency in our work and services, we also hold meetings and training sessions from time to time to make our business more proficient and productive.

9)Free cancellation:

We discern the importance of your time and wealth, we easily approve you to delete your reservations without being charged.

10) Reliable Drivers:

We hire educated and professional valets who realize the importance of a comfortable ride. This is why we ensure that the drivers we hire are sufficiently trained to understand basic, portable communication language in English and Hindi, and professionally supervise themselves at all times.

All of our valets seek the rigid strategy of persisting in dressing hygienically and ensuring that they are not addicted to any sort of vague habits of smoking, drinking or, to use unpleasant terminology at least on reservations.

  • How to rent a car in Ahmedabad with driver?

You can book our car rental service in Ahmedabad within moments by following the required steps.

Just follow the rules below and end up booking your taxi in minutes!

  • Search for car hire in Ahmedabad on any search engine
  • Book your taxi directly from our web portal: select the car you want to hire and whether it is for the external station or the local route.
  • Indicate the region where you wish to go as well as your date of travel.
  • Then select the payment method. Your options include- prepaid, partially paid and postpaid.
  • Once selected, make payment.

Call Center: Call us directly or share your details and we will make the reservations for you.

Email Inquiries: Email us if you have any questions or need help planning your itinerary, our executives will get back to you right away.

We Lalubhai Travels, I wish you a very safe, happy and comfortable journey throughout your trip, with us!

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