A car rental company is now allowing Australians to rent supercars


One of the worst parts of air travel is picking up your rental car at the other end. Luckily, a car rental company has come up with a brilliant solution: supercars direct from the airport.

Earlier today, airport car rental mainstay Avis Australia launched a new premium luxury car rental brand, Avis Prestige, which allows Australian air travelers to rent supercars and high-end luxury cars as soon as they land – as well as at Avis branches across the country.

Some of the premium vehicles Australians can rent through the service, which Avis has partnered with Prestige Rentals to offer, include the Bentley Continental GT, Ferrari 488 Lamborghini Huracan, McLaren 570S and Rolls-Royce Ghost – Reviews claiming “lots more” of the dream cars will also be available.

“As a trusted brand in the car rental industry, we wanted to offer our customers even greater choice and access to some of the most sought after cars in Australia… Avis Prestige will make the car market more accessible to customers and will give them the opportunity to rent a special vehicle for special celebrations or for an elevated weekend,” said Tom Mooney, Managing Director of Avis Australia.

The Bentley Continental GT. Image: Exhaust Notes Australia

Although luxury car and supercar rental companies are nothing new to Australia, being able to drive straight to the Avis desk at the airport and pick up a Lambo or Bentley instead of a Toyota Camry is quite a tantalizing prospect. .

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Avis Prestige will be available in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast. You will need to be 25+ for prestige cars and 30+ for supercars – sorry crypto kids.

It’s cool to see Avis come up with something like this – especially given the difficult conditions the car rental industry has had to navigate in Australia and overseas over the past two years during COVID. More on that here.

The real question is, will a rental McLaren have enough space in the boot for all my luggage?

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